Artiom Shostak

Artiom Shostak

An exemplary citizen of Vancouver, and an all-around stand up character. Introduced to most as a feral cat owner that one day plans to trade it in for a sad Beagle named 'Moses'.
  • on-repeat-feature
    On Repeat: March Variety Column

    The third installment in a series titled “On Repeat”, highlighting five tracks in heavy rotation for the month of March outside of our comfortable niche of dancefloor-oriented music. This round, a handful for a leisurely springtime cruise in the good old neighbourhood.

  • Evans Pyramid
    On Repeat: February Variety Column

    The second installment in a series titled “On Repeat”, this time highlighting five tracks in heavy rotation for the month of February to be enjoyed on your own time, on your own terms.

  • Kiki Gyan
    On Repeat: January Variety Column

    The first installment in a series titled “On Repeat”. Every month, I’ll pick five tunes that reflect my favorite releases & finds during that stretch. I hope they are a little different from the usual scope of dance records we write about and reflect the items accompanying the quieter moments of the day. Here are… Read more

  • Tonite Detroit Mix
    Omar-S presents Aaron ‘Fit’ Siegel Tonite (feat. L'Renee)

    Aaron ‘Fit’ Siegel, the label owner of Detroit’s Fit Sound, splits his debut with another Motor City newcomer L’Renee. Trademark Omar-S sound driven by 909 rhythms, decorated with some playful horns and garage-leaning vocals. Slept on this one for a couple of months, but it’s slowly turning summertime here in Vancouver and this is all I… Read more

  • MoodHut Mix 002
    MoodHut Mix002

    The second instalment from Vancouver’s creative industries at MoodHut mixed by Love Dancing. Check the event listings for another MoodHut event next coming Saturday.

  • artworks-000018355252-jpsl3v-original
    PPULUV People's Potential Unlimited 80's Mix

    Forget the flowers, here’s a collection of 80′s quixotic funk/boogie from People’s Potential Unlimited to set the mood right — consisting of some unreleased and soon-to-be reissued material on PPU.

  • Bakey Ustl "A Tender Places" Video

    Our Montreal ally Lucas Granito (aka Dafluke) stitched together some faded visuals for, undeniably, one of the most essential tracks from 2010. Now you can continue to play out Bakey Ustl’s “A Tender Places” while catching up on some trivial 90′s TV moments.

  • The Caretaker - Bliss
    The Caretaker An Empty Bliss Beyond This World

    The Caretaker is a moniker of James Leyland Kirby, an author behind the V/Vm sound-collage project and a prolific ambient composer who has devoted his whole career to constructing a link between music and memories. ‘An Empty Bliss Beyond this World’ focuses on amnesia, gathering the recollection of various Alzheimer’s patients on particular melodies they were able to… Read more

  • dro-feat
    Dro Carey Sydney, Australia

    Dro Carey’s sound hints at a twitching, shifty-eyed depressive. That’s the kid we expected to meet after imagining the mind behind the slough of sludgy, unabashed jams that have been creeping around the Internet since early last year.