Dashiell Brasen

Dashiell Brasen

European transplant. Pegasus pony. Psychic sea-mammal enthusiast. Magic practitioner. Space cadet class clown. Virgo.
  • Scientific Dreamz of U
    Scientific Dreamz of U Occult Frontiers of Ur Mind

    A voice in the darkness. Shimmering illusions of the deep web. Our 26th podcast, the decoded recording of a scrambled artificial intelligence or the ravings of an unhinged and distorted mind? You decide, in the second instalment of Leisure Mysteries. Join me in my dream. My trip to fantasy. All here is quiet and peaceful. Don’t be afraid. Feel one with the universe. Afloat on the waves.

  • Young Braised - Marukami
    Young Braised – “Murakami” Video

    On ‘Murakami’, his new single from local cassette tape label 1080p, Jaymes Bowman slices the edge of golden era Cam’ron’s deconstructed free association absurdism to the bone, and serves the inside out.

  • barney-records2
    Parris Mitchell Chicago, IL

    Parris Mitchell is a dynamic man. The way he tells it, helping to create ghetto house was just a pit stop on a musical workaholic life tour that somehow managed to include hip-hop production for Death Row Records and work with Toronto’s K-Os, who he met through their mutual friend, former NBA player and entertainer,… Read more

  • mood
    Cloudface Devonian Garden

    Though I didn’t realize it at the time and I hadn’t listened to it until two weeks ago, the new Devonian Garden EP from Cloudface has been a favourite of mine for months. Ever since I heard the ‘Moody Mix’ of ‘Otcho’ on last summer’s Mood Hut Mix 4, I’ve been infatuated with the oozing,… Read more

  • Maxmillion_Dunbar
    Max D Beats In Space Radio #667

    Max D aka Maxmillion Dunbar (with releases on Future Times, L.I.E.S. and most recently his sumptuous House of Woo LP for RVNG Intl) treats us with a guest mix on Tim Sweeney’s Beats In Space Radio Show. For Part 1 of this installment (Part 2 coming from Creme Organization, L.I.E.S. and Trilogy Tapes vet Willie… Read more

  • r3476_0_or
    Terekke YYYYYYYYYY

    With only his second release on the always diverse yet impeccably consistent L.I.E.S. (at the risk of piling onto the label’s already gaudily adorned critical lustre), Brooklyn’s Terekke defines the cusp of a new stylistic frontier, not just for New York’s expanding experimental underground electronic supernova but the entire futuristic machine music disaspora. Emerging from… Read more

  • 120612-dj-rashad
    DJ Rashad Chicago, IL

    In anticipation of his upcoming Vancouver gig, we had a chance to ask the Chicago juke popularizer a few questions about his home town, ghetto house, hip-hop, techno, dance floor spirituality, seapunk appropriations and his future horizons.

  • jar-des4
    Jar Moff Commercial Mouth

    In the last year, a steady flow of deftly crafted experimental sounds has poured from Berlin label PAN. Heatsick’s dirty, queer, Ron Hardy inspired, quasi-afro-indie-disco sex moans and Lee Gamble’s minimally reconstructed rave deconstructions share a trance inducing power, unleashed by splicing dance music’s DNA and re-sequencing its cell structure. Though varied in style, PAN’s… Read more

  • Seawash - Pantomime
    Seawash Pantomime

    Simply put, Seawash is what’s up right now. After releasing a steady stream of on-point, danceably avant-garde house and techno records, Amsterdam label Delsin have dived into a new electronica-oriented sideline project. Debut EP Pantomime from Venetian producer Seawash is the first offering on this new sub-imprint. Seawash’s sound is deliberately tough to pigeonhole, morphing… Read more

  • artworks-000029290255-t45iaq-original
    MoodHut Mix 3 & 4

    Mood Hut represents the best of Vancouver’s raw, bubbing creative undercurrent that threatens to spill above ground at any moment. Sweat it out in these mood huts and you’ll be on a vision quest seeing coloured auras in no time. Keep an eye out for the collective’s output as they continue their rapid maturation. For now, enjoy this brand new free download from the mysterious Aquarian Foundation.