Derek Duncan

Derek Duncan

23 year old male, interested in playing loud music and eating well.
  • Solson Feature
    Solson Chicago, IL

    When Solson sent this one over I was blown away, I knew him primarily as a deep-house DJ via his uStream show and some other mixes I’d heard online. What he left me with was nothing but the heaviest soul and disco jams, the icing on the cake being I had basically no idea what any of it was.

  • Waxist Feature
    Waxist Lyon, FR

    We caught Waxist in the middle of a move back to his hometown of Lyon after half a decade in Paris. He took us through his Red Stripe Disco series, what it means to be a record collector, and shared some of his most loved records. The man also supplied our 22nd podcast, blending disco and modern soul sounds to create a welcome addition to any of your late summer activities.

  • EZgarf-01
    Easy Listening: August Mix Roundup

    Liam Butler and Derek Duncan split the column this month. Enjoy a diverse selection of dance music from some of North America’s best selectors and a mix of personal favourites from Leisure’s Derek Duncan.

  • JTC-Feature
    J.T.C Ann Arbor, MI

    Before JTC’s upcoming Vancouver performance — we spoke with the man of many hats about his community, friendships and collaborations, his creative process, hype, anarcho-punks, strip malls, parking structures and leading a meaningful, slow-paced lifestyle.

    Easy Listening: June Mix Roundup

    Junes instalment of Easy Listening is here, forgive me for being a bit slow out the gate, summertime is here after-all. No theme this month, just a loose selection of mixes from DJs both international and local.

  • barney-records2
    Parris Mitchell Chicago, IL

    Parris Mitchell is a dynamic man. The way he tells it, helping to create ghetto house was just a pit stop on a musical workaholic life tour that somehow managed to include hip-hop production for Death Row Records and work with Toronto’s K-Os, who he met through their mutual friend, former NBA player and entertainer,… Read more

    Easy Listening: May Mix Roundup

    Monthly mix roundup

  • Benny Badge - Leisure Feature
    Benny Badge Melbourne, Australia

    Leisure’s 19th podcast comes to us by way of Melbourne resident Benny Badge, best known for his work under the alias FREEKWENCY. Sit back with a cool beverage of your choice, and soak in the warm, positive vibrations being served up from down under.

    Easy Listening: March Mix Roundup

    For the second installment of the Easy Listening series for the month of March, I’ve chosen a handful of mixes that don’t have much in common besides being comprised mostly of danceable music (even that goes out the window at a certain point).

  • MOON B
    Moon B Atlanta, GA

    Moon B’s Leisure mix showcases his American contemporaries, shining a bright light on the bustling sound of the new US underground. In a brief and insightful interview with Wes, we discuss growing up in the south during Memphis rap’s hay day, day to day life in Atlanta, and his upcoming tour schedule.