Russell Cunningham

Russell Cunningham

A friend to the world and greyscale enthusiast. Hello to you, fine human.
  • reruns06
    Reruns 06 Video Workout

    Once again it’s that time of the month where we feast on some fine visual delicacies. Serving up the XL “Combo Plate B” let’s sit down and break bread, the table is full and the videos are raw. So have a Sanka – get some respect – ride the tsunami – eat some verse pie… Read more

  • reruns05
    Reruns 05 Video Workout

    Right now the summertime has a firm grip on your days activities. I would suggest when you are partaking in your cool down period or perhaps waking from your siesta, you turn on these videos to give yourself the refreshing blast of “je ne sais quoi” you truly desire. The New Dance Show Opening Credits… Read more

  • lenlye
    Reruns 04 Video Workout

    Everyone please sit down and be quiet, we have a new member I would like to introduce you to. Reruns this is Internet Voyeur — Internet Voyeur meet Reruns. Ok! Now that we are all acquainted somewhat, I would like Reruns to please stay on this webpage and show us a little bit about itself.

  • reruns3
    Reruns 03 Video Workout

    Are you needing something exciting and stimulating to view? In this moment you will find yourself at the right internet location in your own current time zone. The third instalment of Reruns will allow you to quench your ocular thirst in ways that eye drops would only dream of.

  • matrix
    Reruns 02 Video Workout

    When you have a moment to spend alone, you should consider remote viewing these music videos. These music videos are something you should consider remote viewing when you have a moment alone.

  • caribbean coast
    Reruns 01 Video Workout

    The audio/visual salad of a music video can be looked on with just as much importance as the song itself. It generally tries to marry the artist with the theme of the song through visual aides. I’ll be starting my selection of 5 music videos or music related videos monthly. These videos are not tied to a specific set of genre’s or guidelines but more about what comes out of the gum ball machine.

  • aybee_worlds
    Aybee Worlds

    The big chief of Oakland’s Deepblak is releasing his latest full length “Worlds” in mid-January, 2013 — his first full length since 2009′s “East Oakland Space Program“. Although this is Aybee’s first full length since ’09 he hasn’t stopped putting out solid, honest music on labels like Seattle’s Further Records, Jus-Ed’s Underground Quality and of… Read more

  • ndatl
    Various Artists NDATL Special Edition 2012

    Travelling to Detroit during the Movement (DEMF) weekend always has it’s perks — great music, large quantities of food and cheap records. A little bonus this year was that NDATL decided to push out a limited 10″ vinyl at their annual Deep Detroit event. After I arrived back in Vancouver with a fat stack of vinyl and no energy… Read more

  • Screen Shot 2012-03-28 at 1.47.48 PM
    Paradiso Modular Synth Web Interface / Audio Stream

    If you ever wanted to play on one of the biggest modular synthesizers in the world (who hasn’t?) now is the time. The Paradiso Synthesizer was built and developed by Joe Paradiso an associate professor at MIT who over decades of work and more then 125 modules later has created a stunning piece of engineering…. Read more

  • Synthesized Art Digital Rube Goldberg Device

    This video was the first to tilt my attention towards Berlin based The Product — they power up with installations and media design primarily. Always contributing extremely unique experiences, this video demonstrates their thought process into the world of stored digital data. Starting with an image on Flickr and working through a series of algorithms… Read more