Commuter Essentials 04

0bpm Collection


Tender selections from a decent guy, here is the fourth round of Commuter Essentials:


Orphan – Horns for the Spirits

Initially, a dewdrop sequence is somewhat awkwardly paired with the linearity of mean-streets percussion. An unlikely horn section bombastically arbitrates putting a crisp, white tennis sneaker to hot august blacktop. Its precursors are left further back in the mix, wiping their moistened brows in aerobic ecstasy.


Motion Sickness of Time Travel – The Secret Door

Poetic kinetics are apparent here, like the brief parity of running tandem with a roadside train: fleeting, as the tracks and road must inevitably diverge. An ornithoptic arpeggiation is dogpiled by broad, overlapping swathes as if to squeeze the few ounces of melancholy from even the brightest point on the color wheel.

Further Tracks

Best Available Technology – Ebb Uncut

Ebb Uncut establishes a stark and gray concrete monotony with a dispassionate dissonance. However, the blanks begin to fill and as the pad backbone slowly and cleverly gains intricacy, it is hard to imagine that it was once so dour.

Various - Soundtracks For No Film Vol. 1

291out – Urania (Titola Di Coda

It is conjectured that Urania was once the muse to the first architect of melody and rhythm. Perhaps 291out is suggesting that the last shreds of romanticism were wiped off on a ribbon controller long ago, left to humidify a poorly ventilated hideaway who’s only source of light is desperately in need of maintenance.


Vangelis – Blade Runner Blues

Philip K. Dick’s famously adapted text Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep opens with a passage describing the functions of what Dick imagines to be a Penfield Mood Organ. A sequence of numbers is entered into the apparatus, which then elicits the corresponding caprice. For example: an entry of 481 results in an “awareness of the manifold possibilities open to me in the future.”