Easy Listening: June

Mix Roundup


Junes instalment of Easy Listening is here, forgive me for being a bit slow out the gate, summertime is here after-all. No theme this month, just a loose selection of mixes from DJs both international and local.

  • Mood Hut Mix 008

    The highly anticipated 8th instalment of the critically acclaimed Mood Hut mix series is finally here. To the best of my understanding it's been a bit of a bumpy ride for this one, many previous sessions fell victim to vintage macbook foibles and amateur home recording techniques. As always you know exactly what to expect from a MH mix, boat loads of unreleased heat that will fill your CANCON requirements for the coming months and having you wondering "Damn son, where did you find this one?"


    An uplifting and diverse session from Ann Arbor's finest for the always interesting KILLEKILL PODCAST. Stay tuned for an incoming transmission from JTC on our podcast series and be sure to join us on July 27th if you're in Vancouver, B.C

  • E-R-S

    Ride the Drexciyan wave with relatively unknown Vancouver selector LNS and be sure to keep your ear to the beach for further transmissions.

  • Ruf Tapes 5-B: IBIZA CHILL

    RUFDUG, the hardest working man in the mix-tape game comes through exceptionally smooth on one of his best mixes to date. This mix has been a welcome addition to my morning routine over the past few weeks, it pairs best with clear skies and a seasonal blend of fresh fruit and single origin espresso.

    As with all of the RUFDUG's mixes there is some really great text that goes along with the mix that better explains his intentions, don't miss it: http://ruftapes.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/tape-5-b-ibiza-chill.html

  • Trushmix 39: DJ Sotofett then Ron Morelli

    By the time I finally get around to posting this mix is will already be deemed an instant classic by many. Sotofett comes through too damn smooth with a selection of some of the finest dance records ever released and shines light on the one of the biggest records you had probably never heard, Ilo's edit of Warp by New Musik. Ron Morelli takes it home on the later portion of the mix, you know what to except.