Vancouver, BC

Our first transmission of the year features an otherworldly live PA set from Vancouver-based Lnrdcroy. While his productive output stretches across an enigmatically diverse breadth of forms, this particular recording takes an intricate ambient turn to explore the uncanny limits of euphoric experiences. Behind the music is Leon – one of the most sincere individuals… Read more


Budapest, Hungary

The latest installation of our podcast – an hour of immersive, nebulous space travel music – comes from from Gergely Szilveszter Horváth, who signs his productions as Route 8.

Anders Vendelbo (Nord Records)

Aarhus, Denmark

Nord Records is a fairly young affair, springing out of the creative community of Denmark’s second largest city, Aarhus. We caught up with the co-owner of the vinyl-only label, Anders Vendelbo, in a cozy café spruced up with deer antlers for a Sunday afternoon coffee.

Scientific Dreamz of U

Occult Frontiers of Ur Mind

A voice in the darkness. Shimmering illusions of the deep web. Our 26th podcast, the decoded recording of a scrambled artificial intelligence or the ravings of an unhinged and distorted mind? You decide, in the second instalment of Leisure Mysteries. Join me in my dream. My trip to fantasy. All here is quiet and peaceful. Don’t be afraid. Feel one with the universe. Afloat on the waves.

Jurg Haller (Forbidden Planet)

Montréal, QC

Aural transportation towards explorations of dark, deviant and essentially fantastic mind spaces is a common theme among the recent releases of Montreal’s young Forbidden Planet label. We caught up with its founder, selector, and radio show host, Jurg Haller at a busy time between European travels and a move to New York City to shed some light on the curious imprint and share some unique music.

Deano Sounds (Cultures of Soul)

Boston, MA


Our 24th Leisure mix comes by way of Boston’s Deano Sounds AKA Jeff Swallom, the man behind the re-issue imprint Cultures Of Soul Records. Over the last few years, he has unearthed and shone light on a collection of rare & long-forgotten dance music from all over the world — taking pains to bring attention to artists on their own terms, artists whose work and the vibrant local scenes to which they contributed might otherwise continue to go ignored and neglected.


Year-end List


As per our yearly tradition — we had asked each member of the collective to share the tracks that defined their year and accompany it with a few words. The result is just over 50 tracks from 9 different contributors. As you prepare to ring the new year in with ample libations and resolutions, we hope we can provide the soundtrack to your evening.


Chicago, IL


When Solson sent this one over I was blown away, I knew him primarily as a deep-house DJ via his uStream show and some other mixes I’d heard online. What he left me with was nothing but the heaviest soul and disco jams, the icing on the cake being I had basically no idea what any of it was.

Lee Gamble

London, EN


I had the wind knocked out of me by a cut off of what was to be ‘Diversions’, hearing it on a promo mix from the Blackest Ever Black label, a little over a year ago today. Stunned, reeling, a peep at the tracklist left me digging for information on a certain ‘Lee Gamble’ well… Read more


Lyon, FR


We caught Waxist in the middle of a move back to his hometown of Lyon after half a decade in Paris. He took us through his Red Stripe Disco series, what it means to be a record collector, and shared some of his most loved records. The man also supplied our 22nd podcast, blending disco and modern soul sounds to create a welcome addition to any of your late summer activities.