Devonian Garden

Though I didn’t realize it at the time and I hadn’t listened to it until two weeks ago, the new Devonian Garden EP from Cloudface has been a favourite of mine for months. Ever since I heard the ‘Moody Mix’ of ‘Otcho’ on last summer’s Mood Hut Mix 4, I’ve been infatuated with the oozing,… Read more



With only his second release on the always diverse yet impeccably consistent L.I.E.S. (at the risk of piling onto the label’s already gaudily adorned critical lustre), Brooklyn’s Terekke defines the cusp of a new stylistic frontier, not just for New York’s expanding experimental underground electronic supernova but the entire futuristic machine music disaspora. Emerging from… Read more


Final Bounce

‘Popped a molly. I’m sweatin.’ Trinidad James’ flagrant endorsement of substance abuse, ‘All Gold Everything,’ has taken the gold-toothed Trinidadian Atlanta resident from obscurity to an overnight viral sensation and major figure Def Jam signee in an MDMA powder flash, cementing ‘Molly Rap’ as the hip-hop trend of the moment. Too often, internet era fame… Read more

Delroy Edwards

Heart And Soul / Sprk Tha Dust

‘Pop that pussy for a real n—- Pull out my black card, that’s my lil’ n—- Make a movie with your bitch, Steven Spiel n—- What’s your real name? And not your stripper name I make it rain on ya, like a windowpane’ To say 2012 was a break out year for Ron Morelli’s Brooklyn… Read more

Jar Moff

Commercial Mouth

In the last year, a steady flow of deftly crafted experimental sounds has poured from Berlin label PAN. Heatsick’s dirty, queer, Ron Hardy inspired, quasi-afro-indie-disco sex moans and Lee Gamble’s minimally reconstructed rave deconstructions share a trance inducing power, unleashed by splicing dance music’s DNA and re-sequencing its cell structure. Though varied in style, PAN’s… Read more



The big chief of Oakland’s Deepblak is releasing his latest full length “Worlds” in mid-January, 2013 — his first full length since 2009′s “East Oakland Space Program“. Although this is Aybee’s first full length since ’09 he hasn’t stopped putting out solid, honest music on labels like Seattle’s Further Records, Jus-Ed’s Underground Quality and of… Read more

Lee Gamble

Dutch Tvashar Plumes


Quick, a little origin story: from the outskirts of London, Lee Gamble, working-class kid enthralled by jungle, pirate radio, the myth of rave, grows up only to witness it grown stale and ossified, and because this initial shock of the new is permanent, liberating, instilling insatiable desires — new frontiers are discovered in the high-academic… Read more



Simply put, Seawash is what’s up right now. After releasing a steady stream of on-point, danceably avant-garde house and techno records, Amsterdam label Delsin have dived into a new electronica-oriented sideline project. Debut EP Pantomime from Venetian producer Seawash is the first offering on this new sub-imprint. Seawash’s sound is deliberately tough to pigeonhole, morphing… Read more

Garben Eden


During their short life span, Portland distributors and party promoters Ecstasy Records have made their name releasing the kind of light, bouncy, airy house that has quickly become the calling card of the Pacific Northwest. A strange blend of retro, disco-leaning sensibilities and a unique twist on contemporary futurism, this sound pops with a distinctly… Read more

122 BPM

The Birth of House Music


My first introduction to Chicago Connection Records came during a trip home to visit my family last year around Christmas time. A few hours into an afternoon at Calgary’s amazing Recordland, looking for a copy of Chicago’s Street Player, I instead lucked into a copy of Risqué Rythum Team’s ‎Risqué Rythum. Needless to say, I was elated. In… Read more