Delroy Edwards

Heart And Soul / Sprk Tha Dust
Date: 2013 Label: L.I.E.S. Format: Single Purchase Release
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‘Pop that pussy for a real n—-
Pull out my black card, that’s my lil’ n—-
Make a movie with your bitch, Steven Spiel n—-
What’s your real name? And not your stripper name
I make it rain on ya, like a windowpane’

To say 2012 was a break out year for Ron Morelli’s Brooklyn based Long Island Electrical Systems would be a major understatement. L.I.E.S. kicks off 2013 with a late Christmas gift from Los Angeles’ master of grating ghetto house, Delroy Edwards. Turning out Lil Wayne’s utterly derogatory verse from the smash remix of Juicy J’s ‘Bands A Make Her Dance’ over a relentless kick drum, B-side ‘Sprk Tha Dust’ hits hard like the titular angel. Capillaries engorge, pupils dilate, nerves twitch and teeth grind uncontrollably over the syncopated, clattering snares and rolling hats on this hardcore footwork banger. Don’t look now, but that’s your lip bleeding.

Fittingly, A-side ‘Heart And Soul’ is a steadier but equally driving introspection on failed love. Forlorn longing plays the perfect foil to shamelessly grimy misogyny. While still layered in warm fuzz, ‘Heart’ is a four-to-the-floor jacker with traditional house stabs, matching the juxtaposition of content between tracks in style. In sequential order, this record is the story of heartbreak followed by a bitter, resentful, reckless rebound. In reverse, it’s cause and effect: a sexist cheater’s regretful lament. Drugs, race and sex are pushed to the forefront. Blame is obscured, the lines between high and low, ernest and ironic blur. Listeners are left transfixed by the beat, all the while challenged and mocked by a calculated yet ambiguous commentary on the tropes of contemporary club music. You may say no to Juicy J, but Delroy Edwards can’t.