Reruns 03

Video Workout

Are you needing something exciting and stimulating to view? In this moment you will find yourself at the right internet location in your own current time zone. The third instalment of Reruns will allow you to quench your ocular thirst in ways that eye drops would only dream of.


Frak – “Nina Will Strip”

It’s quite appropriate this video was made on a Commodore 64, as Frak named themselves after a game developed for the home computer system. While I was pushing my action figures across my Ghostbusters bedspread in 1991 — Jan Svensson, Johan Sturesson and Björn Isgren were pushing boundaries making a special blend of experimental music.

best quality LFO – LFO (original video and audio) widescreen remaster


I want you to imagine yourself being 19 years old, signed to Warp Records and the first track you produce lands #12 on the British singles chart. Rrrrriiiight. Let’s just stop there — please click play.

Model 500 – The Flow (Official Video)

Model 500 – “The Flow”

While this isn’t the strongest track on the Deep Space LP released on Belgium’s R&S Records, it is the only one with a “pop” appeal that also receives a submarine-tastic music video. The song itself speaks of internal conflict and tries to drum up a positive mantra of sorts. Go with the flow.

'Marcus Mixx' "Beer,Buds&Babes"orig. video feat.vocals by 'Alias G.'&'Marcus Mixx'

Marcus Mixx – “Beer, Buds & Babes”

Right out of the Chicago cut — Marcus is all about B-roll infused music videos. You can have your own “cheap, but not cheap” music video if you speak nicely and pay the man $25-50. In this video he talks about the most important items in a mans existence. A memento perhaps.

Daft Punk – Da Funk

Daft Punk – “Da Funk”

With all the hype or hate surrounding Daft Punk’s upcoming album, I thought I should remind everyone how a music video can infiltrate North American TV and change the perspective of a genre for millions. While their new album may reach an even larger audience due to the growing popularity of electronic music, one must not forget they started with Da Funk. And it was good.