Reruns 04

Video Workout

Everyone please sit down and be quiet, we have a new member I would like to introduce you to. Reruns this is Internet Voyeur — Internet Voyeur meet Reruns. Ok! Now that we are all acquainted somewhat, I would like Reruns to please stay on this webpage and show us a little bit about itself.

Len Lye "Free Radicals"

Len Lye – “Free Radicals”

NZ born Len Lye, literally scratches his way onto analog tape, demonstrating extreme patience and technique. The films score contains rhythmic African drumming (a field recording) which creates the ritualistic vibe. A heavy dose of reality sets in when you realize he uses dental tools and ancient Native American arrowhead’s to scribe the visuals.

Norman McLaren || Lignes verticales | Lines vertical

Norman McLaren – “Lignes Verticales”

Plum, lilac, violet, brick, terracotta, cherry and back again. Background hues gliding through like a Cadillac. McLaren created breakthrough techniques that would synchronize animation with music & subsequently produced dozens of films for the National Film Board of Canada.

Boards of Canada – Tomorrow's Harvest Transmission (new album June 10/11)

Boards of Canada – “Tomorrow’s Harvest Transmission”

Enjoy the first glimpse into the past, present and future — BOC prepares for their upcoming album “Tomorrow’s Harvest“, with a moment of clarity.

James Pants – Thin Moon

James Pants – “Thin Moon”

Mr. Pantalones with a midnight psychic workout for your cerebral zones.

George Kranz – Din Daa Daa (Original Video).flv

George Kranz – “Din Daa Daa (Trommeltanz)”

The year was 2003 and WJLB was playing Kranz on the FM — I’m cruising around with my best of friends, some herb may have been sacrificed — I think my brain got left behind, I’m sure of it actually. Well what are you waiting for? Give it a go.